This is Jeopardy! PlayShow, Let’s Meet Today’s Contestants… You!


Hello, Xbox Wire readers.

With “Jeopardy!” celebrating its wildly successful 36th season, and our game just winning an Emmy Award for Outstanding Interactive Media, we’re excited to bring Jeopardy! PlayShow to Xbox One and Windows 10 PC as an Xbox Play Anywhere title. It’s a brand-new way to play America’s favorite quiz show.

We’ve all been there before: sitting on the couch with family or with friends watching “Jeopardy!,” responding (or excitedly yelling) out to Alex Trebek as he reads the episode categories and clues aloud. And If you’re anything like me, you’re secretly keeping score against everyone in the room. And in that moment, it feels like you’re on the actual gameshow set with Alex, competing with the other contestants.

Jeopardy! PlayShow

Jeopardy! PlayShow is just that. Actual “Jeopardy!” episodes stream onto your console or PC and provide the gameplay. Your mobile device acts as your buzzer, and after buzzing in, you simply speak, and speech recognition takes care of the rest. If you’re correct, your score increases. It’s like you’re right behind the podium. I believe it’s the most immersive way to test your reaction speed and Jeopardy! skills against friends, family, and our top contestants like Ken Jennings.

During our development phase, we wanted to represent Jeopardy! as accurately as we could and pay homage to everything the show has provided to millions of fans worldwide. And to get everything just right, this meant multiple visits to the Jeopardy! TV set where they shoot, recording sessions with The Clue Crew, and Alex himself, as well as learning the quiz show’s official rules inside and out.

Jeopardy! PlayShow

On top of making sure we perfected more than just the spirit of the TV quiz show, we wanted our game to feel brand new and fresh. We spent quite some time shaping the concept and the tech behind the game. It’s a unique mix of streaming video, voice recognition, and the seamless connection between a mobile device to your console.

We wanted anyone to be able to join in, so it was important for us to make our game as accessible as possible without needing extra controllers. Up to three players can join in by syncing their smartphone or tablet, giving each player their own personal voice-activated buzzer and their own opportunity to speak their response. Not only that, but this gives all players the chance to place wagers and complete Daily Doubles and Final Jeopardy in full immersion.

Jeopardy! PlayShow

To tie it all together, we’ve carefully curated over 35 years of episodes spanning different eras and tournaments of “Jeopardy!” history — such as Teen Tournament and Tournament of Champions — putting endless hours of quick-speed trivia at your fingertips.

Credit: This is Jeopardy! PlayShow, Let’s Meet Today’s Contestants… You! – Xbox Wire