Jake Hunter: Prism of Eyes Rated by Korean Classification Board

jake hunter prism of eyes rated

Not long removed from spilling the beans on Castlevania Requiem, The Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea has posted a new unannounced title. This time, the new listing possibly confirms a localization for the PlayStation 4 (and Nintendo Switch) debut of the Jake Hunter series.

The series is known as Tantei Saburou Jinguuji in Japan, where it has been running since the Famicom days. In North America, only a few have been localized by Aksys Games, with the Jake Hunter title. The latest title, which released in Japan for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch in August, is called Tantei Saburou Jinguuji: Prism of Eyes, but of course this Korean listing has the Jake Hunter title instead.

As usual this sort of thing should be taken with a grain of salt, as some listings have yet to materialize. However, like I mentioned at the beginning, the Castlevania Requiem thing was absolutely real, exists, and is playable right now. And considering Aksys Games just dropped a Jake Hunter title on the 3DS in September, the IP is clearly alive and well in North America.

The Jake Hunter series is kind of a mess if you want to keep track of it in chronological order, as many of its releases comprise original stories combined with re-releases of scenarios from older games and mobile versions. Prism of Eyes is similar, with its own original scenarios combined with ten stories from the past, all recreated with high definition assets.

[Source: Gematsu]

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